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Cortisol Manager

Cortisol Manager

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Here to take away the thrills of the excessive stress hormone, cortisol. 


Magnolia Bark contains bioactive compounds that directly target high cortisol, such as honokiol and magnolol. These compounds have been recognised in studies for their potential to reduce stress and promote relaxation via modulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.

Magnolia bark is also known to influence the activity of GABA by binding to the GABA receptors and enhancing its inhibitory effects, thus promoting relaxation. 

GABA is short for - gamma aminobutyric acid. It is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain that helps to reduce neuronal excitability, promoting relaxation and stress reduction. 


Valerian Root is an age-old remedy for supporting relaxation and aiding restful sleep. It is believed to increase the availability of GABA in the brain, enhancing its calming effects. It may also support the body's natural ability to relax and maintain a state of calm. 


Valerian root contains valerenic acid and valerenol, which inhibit the action of enzyme GABA transaminase (which is responsible for breaking down GABA more rapidly). 
Valerian root can also promote the release of GABA from nerve endings, further increasing its availability in the synaptic cleft (the space where neurotransmitters are released and travel to receptors on neurons). 

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