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Happy Syrup

Happy Syrup

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Looking for some bottled happiness?
Here it is!
Stress, regardless of its magnitude, can significantly impact our health. It's widely recognized that chronic stress can lead to numerous health issues, which is why it’s crucial to manage it effectively.

Cortisol, a key stress hormone, is regulated by the HPA axis (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis) to maintain homeostasis. However, elevated cortisol levels can trigger a variety of health problems. Additionally, the thyroid gland plays a crucial role in regulating metabolism and energy balance, and its function can be disrupted under stress, further complicating health issues.

The adrenal glands, which produce cortisol, are particularly vulnerable during extended periods of stress. They do not function in isolation; they are part of a network that includes the thyroid, hypothalamus, pineal, and pituitary glands. If the adrenal glands are affected, it is likely that these related glands will also experience troubles.

This herbal blend is a wonderful and tasty adaptogenic support. It contains Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Siberian Ginseng, Rhodiola and Astragalus. Keep it in your fridge door and take a swig or two daily!

These ingredients all work together to help you effectively adapt to life's various stressors.

If you'd like a few more ideas on how to manage stress, here are a range of things you can do to keep your body and mind in healthy working order.

Always live in gratitude. It truly changes your body's chemicals for the better! And we ALL have numerous things we can be grateful for every day. Find 5 things daily to express gratitude for.

Get outside, no matter the weather, and go for a brisk walk - at least 20 minutes.

Forgive! Forgive everyone you can think of for anything and everything that comes to mind. Did you know unforgiveness causes your body to build up toxic waste and harm YOU? Blegh, get that out of your system!

Eat clean and healthy. Junk in, junk out! Your body deserves to be loved and nourished and it will serve you well. If it comes in a package or with a long list of ingredients, it's no good. Our bodies need living foods! The best foods out there are always whole foods, correctly prepared. Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon is a wonderful recipe book full of incredible facts about how various foods interact with our bodies.

Fruits of all kinds are full of amino acids that build every part of our bodies. You can expect clearer skin and clearer minds. A cleaner digestive system, healthier hair, skin and nails, improved healing, better functioning of organs.

Grass-fed and finished animal products are rammed full of nutrients. Those bones and the saturated fats are chock full of life-giving minerals, amino acids, vitamins. They actually contain more nutrients than any vegetable! It is for this reason that veg complements the meals in our house, and isn't the main component.

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