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Picture of Methylene Blue and Colloidal Gold label

Blue & Gold

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We have a new creation...and it must be said...this one has us a little giddy with excitement!


So you know all the phenomenal benefits of methylene blue? (If you don't, we have some info written about it here.


Well, have you ever thought about combining them with colloidal GOLD?


Both very safely cross the blood brain barrier and provide tremendous protective and restorative benefits.


We’re sure everyone has heard of colloidal silver at this point, but hands up if you’ve heard of or even tried colloidal gold?


You know we love to take deep dives into whatever it is I’m looking at, and my current fascination is these tiny gold particles suspended in water.


If you just want to know “What can it do for me?!” Then please scroll down to the bullet points. If you’d like a bit of a history lesson…read on!


But first…Please remember that, according to the FDA, none of this stuff can cure or heal or protect or do anything else remotely beneficial. Only their lab-created compounds are capable of doing that



Gold as a health-aide


Gold, in its various forms, has a long and interesting history as a medical remedy.

The Chinese word “Kimyeh” literally translates as “Gold Juice”. In India, it was known as “Liquid Gold”. The Arabic translation is “Alki-miya”, which western chemists adapted into the word we are familiar with – “Alchemy”!


A physician in the middle ages, Arnaldus de Villa Nova, recommended gold to improve eyesight, as a cardiac stimulant and as an elixir for longevity. Around that time, it was also used medicinally as a treatment for epilepsy, mental illness of all varieties and even for leprosy!


Drinking colloidal gold has been considered to have a vitalizing and rejuvenating effect, while enhancing memory and intellectual capacity.


In the 15th century, Paracelsus recommended gold therapy for epilepsy.


During the 17th century, Nicholas Culpeper, an English botanist, herbalist and physician, employed gold therapy for the treatment of conditions characterized by low energy, depression, fainting and epilepsy.


In the early 19th century, the French physician J.A. Chrestien published a dissertation on the use of gold for various diseases, with a focus on syphilis in particular. He noted that those treated with gold had increased intellectual ability and remarked on the positive effect on the body's glands including the sexual functions.


Also in the 19th century, the Scottish physician and homeopath, James Compton, noted that gold could be used against various diseases, including neurological and glandular diseases, as well as in the treatment of epilepsy, heart disease, sterility and uterine diseases.


Later in the 19th century, physician Hermann Eichorst taught about gold salt and how it can be used with other medications for treating asthma in people with nervous problems. Subsequent studies have also revealed gold’s ability to decrease mucous formation and to provide a protective effect against atopic asthma.

American physician, Leslie Keeley, used gold chloride to try to cure alcoholism in a method known as "Keely's cure" or "gold cure" in his "Keely Institute" until 1975.

Gold was used through the early 20th century against rheumatic diseases and, in 1997, American physician, Guy Abraham, shown that colloidal gold can be used as an alternative to gold salts, since they function effectively in the treatment of rheumatism, but without the toxic effects of gold salts. His study had patients with rheumatoid arthritis drink colloidal gold for 24 weeks and the result was that 90% showed marked improvements. In a further study in 1998, Guy showed that colloidal gold positively affects cognitive ability, with an increase in IQ scores of 20%!


Other studies have shown colloidal gold to have a positive effect patients with diabetes, and also on learning ability in the aging.


In a 2015 study on rodents, colloidal gold was given orally and found to activate and adapt the immune system through an increase in production of various types of white blood cells.


Another recent study from 2015 showed that colloidal gold is able to inhibit, without toxic effects, a metal proteinase that is responsible for consuming collagen; the result being that collagen breakdown was significantly slowed.

India has long used colloidal gold for its pain-relieving properties, but unfortunately it has gained a bad reputation because of poor practices of a few who chose to use mercury compounds to create the liquid gold.


As promised...bullet points of what people have claimed to be beneficial effects of colloidal gold:


*Improved cognition and mental clarity

*Symptoms of asthma

*Bacterial, fungal 'viral' and parasitic Infections


*Energy and stamina

*Mental wellness

*Glandular health

*Heart disease

*uterine diseases

*Nervous disorders - both physical and mental



*Arthritis (possibly other AI conditions)



*Pain relief


*These statements and this product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information and/or products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.